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About New Zealand

New Zealand is a great country to visit or live in. The below information will give you a brief snapshot of New Zealand, including everything from driving distances, history and culture, holiday packages, regional information, weather and much more.

New Zealand ActivitiesAccessible Travel

A range of tourism operators in New Zealand offer accessibility within their business so that all travellers can stay, play, get around and enjoy all that New Zealand has to offer. Businesses listed in this section have completed a Be. Welcome assessment so that you can be sure of their level of accessibility... (Accessible Travel)

New Zealand ActivitiesActivities

New Zealand offers a vast number of quality tourist attractions and activities for an adventure filled holiday. Experience the adrenalin rush from bungy jumping in New Zealand or simply relax and enjoy the relaxing sights while tramping in one of New Zealand's National Parks. There is bound to be something to suit everyone... (Activities)

New Zealand Tourism Businesses For SaleBusinesses For Sale

View the range of tourism businesses currently for sale throughout New Zealand. From holiday parks to luxury lodges there is something for everyone who is looking to enter the tourism industry... (Search Businesses For Sale)

New Zealand Tourism CompetitionsCompetitions

New Zealand Tourism Guide runs regular competitions that offer a range of prizes from our extensive network of tourism operators. Prize draws include accommodation prizes, attraction prizes, rental car prizes and more... (Enter Competitions)

About New Zealand CurrencyCurrency, Banking and Tax in New Zealand

New Zealand's unit of currency is the New Zealand dollar (NZ$). Your bank should be able to tell you what the current exchange rate is with the New Zealand dollar... (New Zealand Currency)

About New Zealand DiningDining Out

New Zealand's cuisine has been described as Pacific Rim, drawing inspiration from Europe, Asia and Polynesia. This blend of influences has created a mouth-watering range of flavours and food in cafes and restaurants throughout New Zealand... (Dining Out)

New Zealand Distance CalculatorDistance Calculator

Use this handy time and distance calculator to plan your trip around New Zealand. It's simple and easy to use, plus you can print out the directions if needed. Simply choose your departure point and destination, then add in any towns that you'd like to visit along the way... (Use the Distance Calculator)

New Zealand Driving RoutesDriving Routes

To find your ideal New Zealand driving route, simply select which major centre you plan to start from. You'll be offered a recommended route, followed by a list of other possible routes. Click on the routes to read a summary. Each route is made up of several days and includes information on what to see and do... (Driving Routes)

New Zealand Driving RulesDriving Rules

View a video and tips about driving in New Zealand and important rules about driving on New Zealand Roads. Make sure you are familiar with the New Zealand road rules before you start your holiday... (Driving Rules)

Discover New Zealand from AboveDrone Videos

Discover New Zealand from Above. New Zealand has landscapes and views that are second to none. View still images and drone videos of New Zealand from the air... (Drone Videos)

Learn about Eco Travel in New ZealandEco Travel

New Zealand is a beautiful country. Help keep our towns, cities, parks, beaches and native bush free from pollution and waste. Please also respect our unique flora and fauna. Be active and get involved in caring for the environment. It is everyone's responsibility... (Eco Travel)

Education & Training in New ZealandEducation & Study

View businesses in New Zealand that offer training and education. New Zealand has a fine range of education centres and training schools catering to a wide range of interests... (Education & Study)

New Zealand FactsFacts

See this page for some key facts and information about New Zealand, including currency, driving, population, immigration, important dates, services and utilities, time difference, language, health and safety, flight times, freedom camping and much more... (Facts about New Zealand)

Featured Businesses in New ZealandFeatured Businesses

In this section New Zealand Tourism Guide has put together a selection of featured tourism operators from around the country... (Featured Businesses)

Online Games New ZealandGames

Test your travel and geographic knowledge with these fast, fun and educational online travel games provided by New Zealand Tourism Guide... (Games)

General InformationGeneral Information

New Zealand is made up of some of the worlds most stunning landscapes, from vast mountain ranges, steaming volcanoes to sweeping coastlines. This natural playground is perfect for thrill seekers, adventurers and those who simply want to visit for the culture, history and beautiful landscapes... (General Information)

Getting to New ZealandGetting to New Zealand

The most common way to get to New Zealand is by air. There are a number of airlines that fly to New Zealand and several that code-share (this allows airlines to share their aeroplanes/seats). A cruise is relaxing way to get to New Zealand, although it will take longer than a flight... (Getting Here)

History of New ZealandHistory

New Zealand is a relatively young country, but still has a rich and fascinating history (both Māori and European). Historical Māori sites and taonga (treasures), some dating back almost a thousand years, are a contrast to many beautiful colonial buildings. Take some time to discover this culturally diverse and fascinating country... (History about New Zealand)

Holiday DealsHoliday Deals

Southern World New Zealand is the major inbound tour operator for New Zealand Tourism Guide and has years of experience in revealing the delights of this stunning country to overseas travellers. We guarantee a warm welcome and an itinerary that makes the most of your valuable vacation time. Choose guided or self-drive holiday packages... (Holiday Deals)

Language Options New Zealand Tourism GuideLanguage Options

The New Zealand Tourism Guide is a comprehensive online directory of tourism and travel companies and contains over 12,000 New Zealand accommodation, attractions, tours and transport listings plus great visitor holiday and vacation information. Please browse this site in your own language from the list below... (Language Options)

New Zealand MapsMaps

New Zealand is approximately 1,600 kilometres in length with a total land area of 270,000 square kilometres. The coastline has a length of 15,134 kilometres. New Zealand Tourism Guide has an excellent range of maps and atlases for sale to help you explore this truly magical country... (View Maps)

Māori TourismMāori Tourism

Today Māori people live throughout New Zealand, and many are involved with keeping their unique culture and language alive. Within any Māori community, the marae provides a focus for social, cultural and spiritual life. A marae is a communal area which includes a wharenui (meeting house and wharekai (dining room)... (Māori Tourism)

New Zealand NatureNature

New Zealand welcomes visitors to experience and discover its unique, precious natural heritage. We ask only that you make as little impact as possible, so that future generations may also enjoy it as you do. Discover unique flora and fauna, such as the flightless kiwi, New Zealand's unofficial national symbol... (Nature in New Zealand)

New Zealand - Off The Beaten TrackOff The Beaten Track

Venture off the beaten track and discover some of New Zealand's most beautiful, untouched and rugged areas. You'll see why New Zealand is renowned as an outdoor paradise when you step away from the city and into the natural beauty of what New Zealand has to offer... (Go Off The Beaten Track)

Send a New Zealand Tourism Guide PostcardPostcards

Send a New Zealand E-Postcard. They feature a range of New Zealand culture, activities, regions, and more. It's free to send and they are fun to receive... (Postcards)


Choose from our excellent range of New Zealand DVD's, New Zealand CD's, New Zealand travel packs, New Zealand travel books and New Zealand souvenirs and products. Only high quality, value-for-money products are sourced from reputable suppliers with efficient delivery times... (Products)

Public Holidays and School HolidaysPublic Holidays and School Holidays

New Zealand observes a range of nationwide public holidays, 1 provincial holiday, and 4 seasonal school holidays each year. Knowing when these holidays are is important when planning your trip to New Zealand as many businesses, accommodations, amenities and shops may be closed, booked out or very busy during these times... (Public Holidays and School Holidays)

Rainbow TourismRainbow Tourism

New Zealand is a very popular destination for gay and lesbian travelers with a range of holiday options to suit most budgets. Over time, NZ's gay and lesbian tourism industry has grown from a network of homestays, to an expansive network of accommodation ranging from homestays and farmstays to exclusive luxury lodges and boutique hotels... (Rainbow Tourism)

Regional InformationRegional Information

To make it easier for visitors to plan a holiday in New Zealand and find the places that will mean the most to you, we've split New Zealand up into 29 main regions, as well as New Zealand, North Island and South Island wide regions, Antarctica and Outlying Islands... (Regional Information)

New Zealand SnapshotSnapshot

New Zealand is comparable in size to the United Kingdom or the Philippines. Nowhere is more than 130km from the ocean. The Snapshot of New Zealand information page contains facts about New Zealand's history, economy, society, culture, demography, agricultural production and much more... (view a Snapshot of New Zealand)

View Tourism JobsTourism Jobs

THATjob matches employers and candidates for Tourism, Hospitality and Travel jobs in New Zealand. One in ten New Zealanders are employed in tourism, hospitality or travel. Opportunities in this sector are vast and varied... (Tourism Jobs)

New Zealand Travel and Tourism NewsTravel News

What makes New Zealand such as great destination for a holiday or as a location for your next conference or event? We've gathered some of the latest articles written about New Zealand by independent magazines, writers or locals... (Travel News)

Traveller NewslettersTraveller Newsletters

Subscribe to the New Zealand Tourism Guide Travel Newsletter. It's free and gets sent to your inbox every month. Get tips on travelling in New Zealand as well as upcoming events that will make your trip even better... (Traveller Newsletters)

New Zealand Traveller TipsTraveller Tips

Watch the helpful top traveller tips video to find out about the top seven tips that visitors wish they had known before travelling to New Zealand... (Traveller Tips)

New Zealand Traveller Q&ATraveller Q&A

Feel free to post your questions and we will endeavour to find the answers for you.We deal with a network of travel and tourism related businesses and information centres throughout New Zealand, and this collective wealth of knowledge enables us to provide you with relevant, up-to-date answers and information... (Traveller Q&A)

Video Tour of New ZealandVideo Tour

Take a quick trip around New Zealand with a video tour. Enjoy a sneak peak of what you could expect when you arrive at your destination and start planning for the ultimate trip of a lifetime. A video tour will give you an excellent feel of what to expect when you arrive... (Take a Video Tour)

New Zealand Visitor InformationVisitor Information

New Zealand is a stunning country with so much to see and do. This New Zealand visitor information section provides helpful details about New Zealand, and its many regions, diverse history, unique culture, natural wonders, changeable weather and much more... (Visitor Information)

New Zealand WeatherWeather

Both the North and South Islands of New Zealand enjoy moderate, maritime climate, weather and temperatures. New Zealand's climate is dominated by two main geographical features: the mountains and the sea. Because New Zealand lies in the Southern Hemisphere, the average temperature decreases as you travel south... (Weather Information)

New Zealand Web CamsWeb Cams

There are a number of Web cams set up around New Zealand, many providing up-to-the-minute information about the area they are located in. Useful information that can be gathered from Web cams include weather, skifield and tide conditions... (View Web Cams)

New Zealand Coach Tours

New Zealand Coach Tours

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New Zealand Coach Tours

New Zealand Coach Tours

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New Zealand road trips - Let's go on an adventure

New Zealand Road Trips

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NZ Self-Drive Tours

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